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Watermelon is summer season crop and also has good market in summer. Sowing of this watermelon seeds should be done in the month of Jan- feb, perticularly in central and south India. So if you want to cultivate watermelon, you should immidiately go for sowing, so that your produce will come in market in peak season. Remember, there should be facility of sufficient irrigation to meet the requirement of summer crop.

Watermelon cultivation is an aristocratic and traditional culture. The direction of the watermelon cultivation is downward in spite of the sufficient possibilities for the development of the watermelon cultivation in the country. The future of the watermelon cultivation in our country is totally dependent upon the coordinated efforts of the government, non-government organizations and the watermelon cultivators.
We source from in and around Tamilnadu in the month of January till April.From April to June we get deliveries from Andhra and June-July we get from Uttar pradesh,Madhya pradesh,Jaipur and Karnataka stocks will arrive in the month of August till October.Lastly in the month of November and December the products are received from Tanjavur.

Our knowledge shows out of 25 cultivators of water melon is only 6 people of 15-25 years age group,12 people of 26-45 years age group and 7 people of 46-55 years are in the field of cultivation.Most of the cultivators are not well educated. A few of them passed out from primary level. Then they hardly get higher education, and the others are mostly illiterate. They don’t have any academic knowledge as well as knowledge of production of watermelon.

If more farmers crop for cultivation the output will be more.
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